MS Trust Publications

Cognition in the A-Z of MS

This A-Z entry describes the range of cognitive problems that can occur with MS difficulties with short-term memory, concentration, verbal fluency - and discusses ways to approach managing the various problems.


More general information about MS

Making Sense of MS

If you've just been diagnosed, this small postcard-sized booklet is a good place to start learning about MS. It provides a brief introduction to multiple sclerosis and answers the questions most commonly asked after diagnosis.


At work with MS

The resource considers some of the ways in which MS might affect work, the protection afforded under the Equality Act and what adjustments can be made for a successful working life with MS.


MS and me

A self-management guide to living with MS. Looks at setting goals, problem solving and healthy living, how to better understand your symptoms and how working with health professionals can help you.


Living with fatigue

Living With Fatigue was written in conjunction with an MS specialist occupational therapist and is illustrated with comments by people with MS who know what it is like to live with the symptom.


Open Door

Quarterly newsletter that contains articles news and research relevant to people living with MS and their families.


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