Involving family and Friends

If you talk to your family and friends about your difficulties with words it is likely that they will not have noticed that you are experiencing anything unusual. They may well seek to reassure you that they have the same problems. In some ways this should reassure you, because it shows that your slips have not been noticed. However, if you feel that the slips and hitches in your language are occurring more than they should, you could let you family and friends know. You could tell them exactly the kind of problems you are having. You could give examples of when something was hard to say. If you find remembering people’s names hard, a family member or friend could help you on a social occasion. It may be that finding the right word has become a fairly frequent challenge for you. If so, you may wish to amend your work duties to reduce the number of presentations, for example. If your workmates understand what is happening, they are more able to help.

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