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Facing the cognitive challenges of multiple sclerosis

Gingold JN. New York: Demos; 2nd Ed 2011 ISBN 9781936303205 2nd revised edition

A personal account of experiencing cognitive difficulties. Jeffrey Gingold is a policy advocate and peer supporter for the National MS Society in America, he was diagnosed with MS in 1996.


Mental sharpening stones: manage the cognitive challenges of multiple sclerosis

Gingold JN. New York: Demos; 2008 ISBN 1932603654

A collection of anecdotes and real-life techniques, collected from people with MS and health professionals who work with them.


Multiple sclerosis: understanding the cognitive challenges 2nd ed.

LaRocca, N, Kalb R New York: Desmos Medical Publishing;2006 ISBN 193260331x

This book examines how cognitive changes experienced in MS might impact socially and emotionally, and features strategies to manage some of these changes.


The owner's manual for the brain everyday applications from mind-brain research 3rd ed.

Howard PJ Austin: Bard Press; 2006 ISBN 1885167652

Examines how findings from brain research may be practically applied to everyday work and life situations.



Memory and Thinking: MS Society Essentials 02

MS Society London: MS Society: 2011


Changes in the Brain: Impact on Daily Life 2016

This is a book written for health professionals.


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