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It can be hard to find things that you have put down in a hurry, particularly if it is not in the usual place. If you put your specs in the same place, say on the mantelpiece, you only have to remember one piece of information (the mantelpiece location). If you place your specs somewhere different every time you put them down, you not only have to remember this new piece of information every time you put them down, but you have to forget all the other previous locations you put your specs in, as it is not now relevant. You can see there is quite a lot of processing involved every time you put your specs down in a new place. Multiply that by all of the things you have put down round the house and there is a great deal of processing required.

Video: Tips and Tricks

Dawn, Jeffrey, Val and Robyn share some of the practical strategies that they find helpful including: lists and how to use them: notebooks; palm pilots and sticky notes.

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